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History and Proof of Concept Project 

The State of Hawai’i Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) partnered with the University of Hawai’i Community Design Center (UHCDC) to envision a new civic center to serve the Wahiawā community in its current location between California Avenue and Center Street. This was a proof of concept project led by UH students and faculty that explored a facility to house current civic center services (Department of Health, Department of Human Services, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources) and additional civic functions.


Proof of Concept is a preliminary scope of work that that includes gathering stakeholders, listening to the community, researching best practices, and visualizing the potential for a project ahead of a professional planning and design team. To see other Proof of Concept projects by UHCDC, please go to our website link). To view other Wahiawā projects please visit UHCDC links to Lake Wilson: Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area Study and Proof of Concept Design(External link) and Wahiawā Center for Workforce Excellence(External link).

This project with the University concluded in 2020 and the current project started their work on the formal planning and design processes.

You can still visit the UH site at 

The final report from the UHCDC will be provided on this page shortly. 

Project Genealogy

1990s-Wahiawā Town Master Plan calls for the improvement of the Wahiawā Civic Center

1996-Wahiawā Civic Center Conceptual Design Report

2011-$2,000,000 appropriated for a permanent court facility in Wahiawā (Representative Oshiro)

2019-$250,000 appropriated for Wahiawā Civic Center Proof of Concept Study and Community Engagement (Senator Dela Cruz)

2020-$76 million appropriated for Wahiawā Civic Center Judiciary Complex (Senator Dela Cruz)

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